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Even a Table at a Restaurant is Prime Real Estate or Undesirable

Restaurant Floor Plans
Published on July 1, 2011

How many times have you been seated in a restaurant next to the bathroom, kitchen or dishwasher when there are plenty of empty tables around the dining room? It happened to us recently in South Florida and restaurant floor plans caught my attention. Interesting to notice how some restaurants are more concerned about spreading out patrons equally throughout the dining room, so servers have a chance to earn tips instead of seating patrons at an empty table with a great view.

A restaurant real estate revelation! Even a table at a restaurant is prime real estate; table locations offering gorgeous views, privacy or perhaps a close range view of the big screen TV, to watch your favorite sporting event. My mind shifted to the architect who designed this restaurant we dined at in South Florida. Why would an architect not pay more attention to the patrons dining experience and design a better floor plan to eliminate the tacky table locations?

We notice and appreciate when real estate developers and architects pay careful attention to small details like these. Best master planned communities designed emphasizing natural amenities and minimizing eye sores show a sign of excellence. After you've seen a couple hundred or so master planned communities, you begin to recognize real estate development master plans are works of art and many do stand out as extraordinary. To us, grandiose entrances are trumped by outdoor living rooms, scenic overlooks and walking trails with points of interest. Don't get us wrong, beautiful entrances make a great first impression however entrances do not mask the overall quality of life and lifestyle experience at the best master planned communities. What is most important to you?

Funny in comparison, to being seated at a restaurant yet true, prime real estate property is priced higher and sold first to generate higher income for the real estate developer, just the opposite approach of 'hostess fairness' in a restaurant. Hostesses no longer get us down. As they snarl under their breath when we request a better table location, we gently remind them - Haven't you ever heard? It's location, location, location even when it comes to restaurant floor plans. We invite you to share your thoughts by leaving a comment.